The Orc King

The Transitions Series Book 1

The Orc King - Transitions Book 1The story timeline begins with Drizzt a century in the future. In this future, Drizzt is seen to be similar to his past descriptions, he still weilds Twinkle and Icingdeath-his enchanted scimitars or curved swords, he is still a respected and feared warrior, he still uses Guenhwyvar in battle and now wields Taulmaril, Cattie-Brie's trademark and magical bow. Drizzt is now reunited with his friends whom he thought were dead. However when Drizzt attacks and defeats a group of bandits named Casin Cu Calas, one mentions Bruenor Battlehammer's past weakness angering Drizzt. It is also later implied that a dear friend(Captain Deudermont), died in the ruin of Luskan, an event yet to come.

The uneasy peace between the dwarves of Mithral Hall and the orcs of the newly established Kingdom of Many-Arrows will not last long. The orc tribes united under Obould begin to fight amongst themselves, and Bruenor is determined to finish the war that nearly killed him and almost destroyed everything he's worked so hard to build.

Drizzt returns from his trip to the grave of Ellifan (the troubled elf who thought Drizzt killed her mother) along with the female elf warrior Innovindil. Innovindil returns to her elven forest home of moonwood where she and her pegasus are slain by attacking orcs. Hralien and his elven friend find Innovindil slain atop her pegasus. Earlier it is mentioned that Tos'un, a renegade dark elf, was captured by the elves and had gained their trust. Hralien says that the orcs ambush that had killed Innovindil was to thought out so they no start to hunt for Tos'un who they think is responsible, while it was really Jack ( a Gnomish wizard who helps out an orc tribe by the name of clan karuck).

Back in Mithral Hall Drizzt accompanies Bruenor to a place that they believe to be the ancient and lost dwarvern home of Gauntlgrym. Along with Regis and the three dwarves Thibbledorf Pwent, Torgar Hammerstriker and Cordio Muffenhead-who is also a powerful dwarf priest, enter what they believe to be Gauntlgrym. However, they discover a cavern full of demonic monsters and find ancient scroll telling of Orcs and Dwarves living together in harmony before their home was nearly destroyed by the demonic monsters. They flee with more questions than answers and return to Mithral Hall.

Cattie-Brie and Wulfgar go after Colson, Wulgar's surrogate daughter, and find her her in the town of Nesm with help from the sorceress Lady Alustriel of Silverymoon. With some difficulty they retrieve Colson and Wulfgar leaves to return Colson to her original home of Auckney and Esmeralda, her birth mother. With a heavy heart Cattie-Brie returns to Mithral Hall knowing Wulfgar will never return as he tells her before he leaves he is returning to Icewind Dale to rejoin the roaming tribes of barbarians he was raised among.

An elf named Hralien is sent in response to Innovindal's death by the elves to find Drizzt and bring him back to hunt down who they believe to be the person who orginized the attack of Moonwood. A renegade dark elf and the only survivor of a band of four dark elves seen in the previous drizzt story arc. The dark elf, Tos'un Armgo, also wields Khazid'hea a former weapon of Cattie-Brie's, it is a sword that can cut through anything from rock to steel. It's also sentient and can control those whose will is weak.

Drizzt leaves Mithral Hall and eventually captures Tos'un defeating him and reclaiming Khazid'hea. He defeated Tos'un by yelling to his sword that he wanted to wield it and thats what Kazid'hea wants, to be wielded by the best, so it makes Tos'un lose. Bruenor, Regis, Hralien of Moonwood, Torgar Hammerstriker, Thibbledorf Pwent and Cordio Muffinhead track down Drizzt and together with the tied up Tos'un they set out together to kill King Obould Many-Arrows and to end the war.

Throughout the book a half-orc, half-ogre warrior named Ggruch has challenged Obould's leadership and now controls a large amount of Obould's troops. The two sides break into battle, Obould battles Ggruch hand-to-hand the winner will be the next leader of the vast orc armies. The companions come upon the two sides fighting to find that despite his prowess Obould is losing the fight due to Ggruch's gnome Wizard acomplice Jaq. Cordio, Pwent, Torgar, Regis and Hralien keep the orc troops back as Drizzt and Guenhywyvar battle Jaq the gnome and Bruenor aids Obould in defeating Ggruch. Bruenor is inspired to aid Obould because of his ancestors alliance with Orcs. Tos'un Armgo has a change of heart and aids Hralien, Regis and the Dwarves in fighting the orcs.

A wounded Bruenor and a dying Regis are held at the mercy of Obould as he demands for Bruenor to consider a treaty between the dwarves and orcs. As the book ends Cattie-Brie is now training to become a Wizardess and Obould forms a treaty with Bruenor to prevent anymore hostilities between.

Back to a century in the future that the novel opened with Hralien is king of the elves of moonwood and Tos'un has married an elfmaiden and has had two children. Drizzt sheathes his scimitars and walks away into regions unknown, the past extending behind him and future welcoming him with open arms.