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Shi'nayne Do'Urden

Shi'nayne Do'Urden

Shi'nayne Do'Urden is an alias assumed by the Matron of House Hun'ett, SiNafay. After years of struggling to regain the favor of Lloth, House Hun'ett attacks House Do'Urden in a final desparate attempt to appease Lloth. Jarlaxle is hired by both House Do'Urden and House Hun'ette. After reporting to Matron Malice Do'Urden that his band of mercenaries (Bregan D'aerthe) have successfully carried out an assasination plot against Dipree Hun'ett, House Do'Urden comes under direct attack of House Hun'ett.

Malice's forces are outnumbered, and so she commissions Jarlaxle once again. When he balks, saying, "Bregan D'aerthe is a secretive group. We do not engage in open warfare," Malice easily changes his mind by shouting, "I will pay whatever you desire. Name your price." With a sly smile—most likely because this was how he planned things all along—Jarlaxle walks out to the Do'urden balcony and looks down on the battle. He pulls a small tin-whistle from inside his hat (which has a pocket dimension inside it) and blows a shrill note. Down below, fully half or more of the "Hun'ett" soldiers respond, and turn on their fellows, giving the advantage of numbers instantly to House Do'urden. Routed, the Hun'ett army turns and flees back to the safety of its home walls. Jarlaxle slyly looks to Dinin and says, "It's a dark day to be a Do'urden, and even worse to be a Hun'ett. But it's an excellent time for mercenaries don't you think?" Malice travels the next morning to answer a summons to Matron Baenre, expecting to witness Sinafey's execution. Instead, she walks in to find Sinafey sitting at her council seat. Matron Baenre appears in the middle of their confrontation and explains what has happened. House Hun'ett has been entirely destroyed, save for Sinafey herself. Malice is being forced to take Sinafey on as her eldest daughter, "Shi'nayne," returning from Ched Nasad. When Malice protests, Matron Baenre replies, "Many years ago, Lolth made it clear her desires that you sit upon the ruling council, Malice. And now, with Hun'ett gone and Do'urden the eighth house of Menzoberranzan, is shall be so. But understand your dilemma: you have lost more than half of your troops, and it is well known that you still do not have the favor of the Spider Queen. How long do you think it will be until some lower house moves against you." By taking in Sinafey, House Do'urden gains fifty soldiers of Hun'ett that survived. Sinafey goes home with Malice, her new "mother."

She was Matron House Hun'ett for a long time. Thinking House Do'Urden posed a threat, she attacked it with help of Bregan D'aerthe. With Jarlaxle's betrayal, her house was defeated and punished by the ruling council of Menzoberranzan. After that, Matron Hun'ett became a member of House Do'Urden under her new name, Shi'nayne Do'Urden. She was tricked and sacrificed to Lolth to summon Zaknafein by using Zin-carla.

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