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Malice Do'Urden


Malice Do'Urden

Matron Malice, also known as Malice Do’Urden is matron mother to House Do’Urden and the mother of Drizzt.

Matron Malice Do'Urden is Drizzt's Mother

She also had 3 daughters, with Briza Do’Urden being the eldest, and Maya being the youngest. Dinin and Nalfein were her sons. Matron mother of House Do'Urden, Malice is quite an imposing figure. She is entwined in constant conflict with Zaknafein regarding Drizzt's upbringing. Matron Malice is striving to mold him into a heartless killer, while Zaknafein is silently struggling to help him embrace his unusual caring and altruistic nature. Zaknafein constantly struggles to avoid crossing the line, which female-dominated Drow society has come to be built around. Many times, Matron Malice fantasizes about Zak's demise, however his renown skill and role as House Weaponmaster for the Do'Urden family keep him safe.

The Death of Malice Do'Urden

Upon discovering Malice’s failure to complete Zin Carla she kills her own mother.  Upon the death of Matron Malice, Briza becomes the next and final Matron mother to house Do’Urden as House Baenre successfully executed a raid on House Do’Urden shortly after.  Briza’s death comes at the hands of Jarlaxle.

Malice Do’Urden was a very powerful high priestess of Lolth.  Her demise begins when Drizzt shows actions of compassion and mercy during a raid on the surface elves which causes her to lose the favor of Lolth.  She then sacrifices Drizzt’s mentor, Zaknafein in order to regain Lolth’s favor but quickly loses it again when Drizzt leaves Menzoberranzan.  Malice was given a final chance to regain the favor of Lolth by destroying Drizzt.  She is to use the power of Zin-carla, which she obtains by sacrificing her adopted son SiNafay, to carry out the destruction of Drizzt. She loses control of Zin-carla for a brief moment which allows Zaknafein to kill himself, which causes her to forever lose the favor of Lolth.  In a final desperate attempt to regain the favor of Lolth for House Do’Urden, Briza murders Matron Malice.

Malice has six different children to three different males, with Zaknafein being the father of Drizzt and Vierna, Rizzen being the father of Dinin, Maya, and Nalfein, however the father of Briza is not known.

Vartha Do'Urden was Matron Malice’s mother and former matron mother of House Do’Urden, Her death comes about 400 years before the Dark Elf Trilogy takes place, coming unexpectedly.  It was suspected that Malice was likely to have played a part in her demise which in effect made Malice the new Matron Mother of House Do’Urden.

Zaknafein fathered two children to Malice, Drizzt and Vierna.  She was Drizzt’s primary caretaker as a child and second eldest sister, the only one of which he felt any affection for.

Malice sacrifices Zaknafein, after House Do’Urden falls out of Lolth’s favor.  Afterwards, Drizzt leaves Menzoberranzan for the Underdark.  Malice later brings back Zaknafein back through the use of Zin-carla in order to hunt down and kill Drizzt.  After finding Drizzt, Zaknafein manages to fight through his mental barriers in order to prevent himself from killing Drizzt, hurling himself into a pit of acid. Malice Do'Urden is unable to regain Lolth's favor which ultimately leads to her demise.

Do'Urden Family Members

Briza Do’Urden

Dinin Do'Urden

Drizzt Do’Urden

Malice Do'Urden

Maya Do'Urden

Nalfein Do'Urden

Rizzen Do'Urden

Shi'Nayne Do'Urden

Vartha Do'Urden

Vierna Do'Urden

Zaknafein Do'Urden